Top LinkedIn tips for your job search



If you're not using LinkedIn for your job search - you should be! Read on for our top tips on using LinkedIn to its full potential!

1. Photo – Keep it professional- a picture with your friends cropped out won’t cut it! Take a picture specifically for LinkedIn against a plain background. Headshots tend to be the best for LinkedIn. Remember to smile!

2. Contact details – Make sure that you have contact details easily displayed. While many recruiters might send you a message, it could put some off if they can’t contact you easily.

3. Skills – Keep your skills section relevant. Have your most applicable skills at the top of the list. This skills list will affect how you are found by recruiters. Make sure to update them as your skills develop or you take on a new role!

4. Connections – The more connections you have the more you are likely to get noticed. Too few connections suggest you aren’t active on LinkedIn and in turn might appear to say you’re not using LinkedIn to its full potential.

5. Updates – One of the key things you can do to get your LinkedIn noticed is post regular updates, ideally between 8am-11am when LinkedIn is most active. However, that being said make sure your updates are professional- LinkedIn is not Facebook!

6. Recommendations – One of the best things that can give weight to your LinkedIn profile is recommendations. Ask colleagues past and present to recommend you. Recommendations are in theory a public reference.

7. Detail – Treat it like a CV. Make sure that you have checked all your spelling and grammar.