Body Language- The dos and don’ts for interviews!



Body Language- The dos and don’ts for interviews!

In interviews we are often so worried about saying the right thing that we forget about what our body language says. It’s critical that you come across well but what does this mean?

We think it means that you quickly build a rapport with the interview panel and that your body language supports your spoken word.

So, this is our list of do’s and don’ts for the interview!

1. Do maintain eye contact. Of course, there is a balance you don’t want to make someone uncomfortable staring at them for prolonged periods of time but make sure you are talking to them and not to the table! When you shake hands at the end of the interview make sure to look straight in the eye and smile.

2. Do be aware of your posture. Leaning back on the chair will look lazy or over confident, leaning right in over the table will look aggressive. When you first sit down plant you behind firmly into the back of the chair, sit upright with your feet firmly planted on the floor, let the chair and the floor carry the stress!

3. Do be careful about directing planes! In other words be careful that you aren’t talking with your hands. This can be very distracting and take away from what you are saying. The same goes for your head, don’t move it vigorously, nodding or shaking! Consciously moderate your movements as the nerves will tend to exaggerate them anyway.

4. Don’t cross your arms. Sometimes it can simply be a response to us being cold, however, to the interviewer they will see someone defensive. Keep them open and you will appear more approachable.

5. Do listen to what the interviewer is saying and nod in agreement. Simple signs such as nodding let them know you are listening to them.

6. Watch the interviewer(s) body language and to some extent mirror the positive aspects of this.

7. Don’t fidget! Ask friends and family you trust if you have any annoying habits as often they will be so ingrained we don’t even notice ourselves. Be aware of these habits in our interview. Don’t play with your hair, check your nails, swing on your chair etc.!

8. Do Smile- Look as if you are enjoying the interview no matter how daunting it is.

9. Finally, prepare mentally before interview and reassure yourself that you can deliver a positive, assured interview performance.

Remember interviews are always nerve wrecking. Anyone who says they are not is lying! Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t remember all of the above just try to put yourself in the position of the interviewer and imagine how they would view your body language.